Christians Committed To Modesty

A number of Christians have been enlightened to the truth about modesty and how it is even important in medical settings. We have included stories from Christians who are committed to modesty below. If you are a Christian who has made a commitment to modesty (this includes not letting any person of the opposite sex except for your spouse to see certain parts of your body), please submit your story by filling out this form.


I am a 38 year old Christian woman who made a commitment as a teenager to True Love Waits (to stay a virgin until I got married) about 24-25 years ago. At the same time, I thought about how I was not going to let any men including doctors see and access certain parts of my body that should only be reserved for my future husband. I believe in the sacredness of sex in marriage and that God intends for the husband of a woman to be the only man to see and touch her private parts and for the wife of a man to be the only woman to see and touch his private parts, I am very disturbed about our society has accepted that that it is different in medical settings.

I am not against doctors or medical treatments at all. I simply believe that intimate male procedures should be only done by male doctors/nurses/assistants and intimate female procedures should only be done by female doctors/nurses/assistants. I feel like we have been brainwashed by the medical industry. Medical professionals are not above us morally. Why is it not okay for a man in other occupations such as teacher, pastor, plumber, computer programmer, etc. to see another woman who is not his wife naked? I feel like what happens in the medical industry in regard to patient modesty is a HUGE cultural blind spot.

- Modest Christian Woman (Female) ) From USA
Date Submitted: 10/9/2017



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