Gender Neutral Restrooms and Fitting Rooms

Over the past 5-10 years, our society has pushed for gender neutral restrooms and locker rooms and many liberals argue that it is discrimination to not allow transgendered people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, rather than their sex assigned at birth. This dangerous agenda has many consequences. This has opened doors for men to go into women’s restrooms at public places and dressing rooms at some clothing stores to prey on women by secretly videotaping or taking pictures of their private parts and even sexually assaulting women. Many sexual predators have exploited the laws by posing as transgendered so they can gain access to women and girls.

Look at this one example. One lady went to a fitting room at Target in the Houston area to try some blouses on at Target noticed something strange in the mirror (Source: Woman says someone took photos of her in Houston Target fitting room - ABC13 Houston). A man held a cell phone camera under the stall and pointed at her. She kicked the camera and the man fled. Also, numerous little girls have had to suffer seeing men’s genitalia against their will due to gender neutral restrooms and fitting rooms.

You are encouraged to read this document, “Bathroom Incidents” By Family Research Council that has a list of over 20 incidents that involve sexual assault or voyeurism by men. There are many unreported incidents so this is just a short list.

Suffolk Journal writer, Nick Sammarco in his article “Say no to gender neutral bathrooms” states: “Let’s also dispel with the notion that anyone has a “right” to a bathroom. Bathrooms, just as housing, water, food and healthcare, are commodities or services depending on your definition. They certainly aren’t things that are we “endowed by our creator” with a right to.“

All Christians are encouraged to not give in and stand up against gender neutral public restrooms, locker rooms, and fitting rooms. Don’t let the world desensitize you to this issue.

There is another very important issue we want to bring attention to Christians who understand why public restrooms and dressing rooms should not be gender neutral.

Opposite sex intimate medical care is another important issue that is rarely discussed by Christians. Many male doctors, especially male gynecologists see more women’s private parts than most men in our society.

Our society has worked to indoctrinate many people even strong Christians to accept that male gynecologists and opposite sex intimate medical care are okay because our culture teaches that doctors are experts on the body and that anything in the name of medicine is okay. The truth is God has always been the God of moral absolutes. Medical professionals are not exempt from moral standards.

Most people are not aware that male gynecologists and opposite sex intimate were invented by medical school in the 1800s. Before that era, religious doctrine did not allow males to deal with intimate parts of women.

Midwives and female nurses took care of women's health issues before the 1800s. Medical school would not allow women to be doctors and this is why we did not have female gynecologists for a long time.

Medical School definitely did not follow God’s word when they decided to let male doctors do intimate procedures on women. Also, look at how medical school often promotes other things that go against God’s word such as abortion. While it is great that modern gynecology has brought improvements such as C-Sections that have cut down on maternal deaths, surgeries for gynecologic cancers, etc., only women should have been allowed to be gynecologists in the beginning. Rachel in the Bible who died after giving birth to Benjamin would have likely survived if she had a gynecologist.

Check out the history of modern gynecology article on Medical Patient Modesty’s web site. Notice how there was opposition by midwives and even some male doctors in the beginning when male doctors began to do pelvic exams on women. Look at the drawing of a male doctor tending to a woman’s private parts on that article. This is when they first introduced men to do gynecological procedures on women. It is interesting about how they slowly introduced male doctors to do gynecological procedures by allowing a male doctor to only touch her genitals, but not see them because it was wrong. They eventually worked to allow a male doctor to have full access to a woman’s breasts and genitals. Our culture often introduces sins into the world by trying to compromise them to make them not look as “wrong”.

We also talk about the history of modern gynecology starting around the 1 hour and 32 minute mark in the video, Modesty in Medical Settings from a Biblical Perspective

The lady, Robin who spoke in the video, Modesty in Medical Settings from a Biblical Perspective can relate to many Christian women who have gone to a male gynecologist. Robin shared in her testimony around the 1 hour and 10 minute mark in the video that when she first needed a gynecologist in the 1970s, there were no female gynecologists. No matter how professional or skilled a male gynecologist is, you cannot take the “man” out of him. So many male gynecologists have sexually abused women over the years and the truth is most of them can get away with abuse under the guise of medical care since they have so much power as doctors. Check out to see a short list of news sources documenting sexual abuse of female patients by male doctors and nurses especially male gynecologists.

All Christians are encouraged to read the article, Are Male Gynecologists Biblical? and watch the videos, Modesty in Medical Settings from a Biblical Perspective and How Should Christians Respond To Gender Neutral Restrooms and Opposite Sex Intimate Medical Care below.

Check out the below videos.


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