Why You Should Support Medical Patient Modesty?

While we will never change the medical industry to transform to God’s will, it is important for the medical profession to not force things on Christians that are not God's will.

Because the medical profession is both gender neutral and moral neutral, it is very easy for your wishes for modesty to be violated. Many medical facilities have become so gender neutral. Many family members and patients have been taken off guard by how gender neutral medical facilities are. For example, it is pretty common for a male nurse to give a female patient a bath at some hospitals and even nursing homes. Most patients are not even asked for permission about who can do intimate procedures on them today. Also, many men who may have never had any intimate procedures done are shocked to learn how common it is for female nurses to do intimate procedures on them. In 1970s and beyond, only male doctors or orderlies normally did intimate procedures on male patients. Many patients are unaware about some steps they have to take to ensure their wishes for modesty in medical settings are honored. For example, some women have no idea that they must choose an all-female ob/gyn practice that does not rotate with other practices that have male doctors in order to have a 100 percent guarantee that their babies would be delivered by a female ob/gyn.

We encourage Christians to support Medical Patient Modesty, a wonderful non-profit organization that works with people from all backgrounds who care about their modesty in medical settingsto stand up for their rights for same gender medical intimate care and maximum modesty for procedures such as colonoscopy. They help to address unnecessary exposure. At some medical facilities, patients are asked to remove underwear unnecessarily for certain surgeries such as knee, hand, etc. There is no reason for a patient to be required to remove his/her underwear for certain surgeries that do not involve the genitals. They have many great articles about steps to ensure your wishes are honored.

You can support Medical Patient Modesty in the below ways:

1.) Share Medical Patient Modesty's web site and articles with other people.

2.) Make a financial donation.

3.) Volunteer

4.) Support Online Silent Auction.

*Check out the video, Why You Should Support Medical Patient Modesty?


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