What Christian Medical Professionals Should Do?

The world's push for acceptance of mixed gender nudity in various settings has been a part of the attack on traditional Christian values. The medical community has bought into these lies and seeks to further breakdown the God-given barriers to the viewing and handling of peoples' bodies by the opposite sex. The medical community has worked
to desensitize many medical professionals to accept that private parts are like other body parts such as elbow and this is wrong. We are never meant to become so detached that seeing someone’s genitals becomes like looking at their elbow. This is contrary to God's word.

Christian medical professionals should always stand up for their convictions on different issues including abortion, intimate procedures on opposite sex, etc. no matter how hard it is. It is important to follow God's word by honoring God and your spouse rather than unbiblical standards.

We appreciate the male family practice physicians who will not do breast exams, pelvic exams, or pap smears on women due to moral or religious convictions. The truth is many women go to an OB/Gyn for female health issues anyway. There is often at least one female doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant in the family practice that could do the women's health wellness exams anyway. The male family practice doctor could always refer the woman to a female doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician's Assistant in his practice for female health issues. There are also some female family practice physicians who don't feel comfortable doing intimate procedures on male patients. They could of course easily refer their male patients to a male doctor in their practice. The same should apply to Christian general surgeons who may have to perform surgeries that involve exposure of private parts such as colon surgery. A female urologist should focus completely on female patients.

We also appreciate Christian nurses who refuse to do intimate procedures on opposite sex patients due to their convictions. We really appreciate one male nurse's commitment to not do intimate procedures on female patients and how he believes that male nurses do not belong to Labor & Delivery units. Check out a great article about how nurses can stand up for their convictions by going to this link: How Nurses Can Refuse To Do Intimate Procedures On Opposite Sex.

The gender does not matter for a number of specialties such as orthopedics (unless doing hip surgery), podiatry, ENT, neurology, rheumatology, etc as long as no private parts are exposed.

If you are a medical professional who successfully has refused to do intimate procedures on opposite sex patients, please contact us by email and share your story with us.






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