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We have included a Q & A for people who have asked questions about medical modesty and we have answered their questions below. If you have a question about medical modesty or opposite sex intimate care, please submit your question.


Question: Biblical times did not have modern medicine. They didn`t need to examine patients the way we do today, so I don`t think you can take biblical injunctions about male gynecologists and carry them forward.

Answer: This is true that modern medicine did not exist in the bible. But we still need to follow the bible on this issue. The bible makes it clear that it is wrong for a man to touch and see private parts of a sexually mature woman who is not his wife. Only midwives examined women. Medical School around 1800s decided that it was okay for male doctors to examine women’s private parts. They would not admit midwives who wanted to get medical training to become female doctors. Medical school was invented by man and not by God. While is it is wonderful that we have advances in medical care and technology that have saved many people’s lives, it is important we still follow moral standards that were set in the Bible. This includes not allowing medical professionals of the opposite sex to do intimate medical procedures on sexually mature patients of the opposite sex. The above argument would also open to arguments that euthanasia and abortion must be okay since they were not performed in biblical times. Some people argue that we cannot say homosexual marriage is wrong today because homosexual marriage did not exist in biblical times. The bible makes it clear that homosexuality is wrong and God’s word doesn’t change even in our modern culture.


Question: What about a lesbian female gynecologist?

Answer: It’s easy to discern if a gynecologist is a lesbian by doing some personal research on her. Fortunately, as of 2018 lesbian female gynecologists are rare. Most female gynecologists are married to a man. It is interesting that people who do not think that male gynecologists have any sexual thoughts toward their patients would ask this question since they are not supposed to think about the sexuality of the doctor


Question: What about a gay male gynecologist?

Answer: He is still a man so it is wrong.


Question: I needed surgery for a complex gynecologic issue that was possibly cancerous and I chose a male gynecologist because he was the most experienced gynecologist and top surgeon in the area and he had many great reviews. Why cannot you choose a gynecologist based on experience rather than gender?

Answer: You cannot overlook the gender of the doctor. The bible makes it clear that it is wrong for a man to handle and see private parts of a woman who he is not married to. While it is true that many male doctors are skilled at surgery, it does not make it right for them to perform gynecological surgeries. Sometimes the most experienced doctor is the "out-of-date" doctor - the doctor who is not current on the newest procedures and technology. Medical tools and techniques change rapidly and the best doctor may be the newest graduate who is knowledgeable about innovations. You should do a lot of research and find the best female doctor to do your surgery. You may have to drive farther, but it is worth it. There are many skilled female surgeons out there.

Think about this scenario: A teenage daughter has a tampon stuck and she needs help to retrieve it. Her mom tried to retrieve it, but could not. The girl's father is better than her mother at retrieving things. Would it be appropriate for the girl's father to retrieve the tampon simply because he is more experienced than his wife? If the girl's mom cannot retrieve the tampon, they should look for another woman to retrieve it. The same should be true of doctor. You should look for a female doctor until you find the one that is skilled for your case.


Question: What about male doctors who enjoy delivering babies?

Answer: It is certainly possible for a man with this desire to deliver babies, but it should only be his wife’s babies. It is truly a miracle for a baby to born, but men have no business witnessing the delivery of other women’s babies if they have to see the woman’s private parts. Male doctors who want to work with babies certainly can still do this, but they should let the female doctors, nurses, and midwives deal with childbirth and not handle or see the private parts of women. Men could become neonatologists and work with babies in the neonatal unit or pediatricians who would work with newborn babies.


Question: What about a man who wants to become a gynecologic oncologist because he has a passion for helping to cure gynecologic cancer possibly because some of his relatives succumbed to cancer?

Answer: This is certainly a wonderful passion, but they have no business handling or seeing private parts of women who are not their wives no matter how good they are at surgery. Gynecology Oncologist is a job that only women should hold. Male doctors can help with the research and possibly with creating new medicines. They can give treatments without handling female organs. There are many male oncologists who just help to administer chemo in non-intimate body parts such as arm for gynecologic cancer patients. They can assist female doctors with research and any procedures that do not involve exposure of female organs.


Question: How can you say that male gynecologists are wrong since women have not even become doctors until recent years? Millions of women and babies would have died without their intervention,

Answer: This is actually misguided. Male gynecologists did not exist in the Bible. Male doctors actually were not allowed to examine women's private parts before 1800s. Before medical school was invented, midwives delivered babies. Look at the below facts about historical progression of pelvic exams from Are Male Gynecologists Biblical?

The reason we did not have female gynecologists many years ago was due to the fact that medical schools would not admit women. This was a HUGE mistake. You are correct that a number of women (who have very high risk pregnancies) need a gynecologist in order to give birth safely. While it is wonderful that we have improvements in the medical field such as C-Sections that have cut down on maternal deaths and surgeries for gynecologic cancers, it does not mean that male gynecologists are okay. Only women should have been allowed to become gynecologists in the beginning. Only women should have been allowed to become gynecologists in the beginning. Medical school is to blame for this. Take time to research some history. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first female gynecologist. Look at how she became a doctor because one of her dying friends who probably had uterine cancer was more comfortable with a female doctor.


Question: I had an older male gynecologist that helped me through a miscarriage and birth of my first child. I was very impressed with him. My female doctor was very rough and unsympathetic. Why is it not okay for me to choose a doctor based on compassion and gentleness rather than gender?

Answer: I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. While it is true that there are compassionate and gentle male gynecologists, it does not change the fact that it is wrong for a man to handle the private parts of a woman who is not his wife. Of course, there are some very rough and unsympathetic female gynecologists. You simply need to look for another female gynecologist rather than going to a male gynecologist. It is pretty common for a male gynecologist to be gentle because he wants to do whatever he can to encourage women to keep coming to him. The truth is most male gynecologists who have abused women were gentle.


Question: What About a man going to a female urologist?

Answer: This is wrong too. A man should only have intimate procedures done by a male doctor. His wife should be the only woman who has the privilege of handling his private parts.




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