Christians and Medical Schools

Medical schools often give Christians who object to doing intimate procedures on the opposite sex a hard time. This is sad because there are so many wonderful Christians who desire to become doctors, but at the same time are at conflict with how they will have to violate their conviction. The world's push for acceptance of mixed gender nudity in various settings has been a part of the attack on traditional values. The medical community has bought into these lies and seeks to further breakdown the God-given barriers to the viewing and handling of peoples' bodies by the opposite sex.

Medical schools should exempt students who have strong convictions against doing intimate procedures on the opposite sex. They could provide opposite sex simulators and mannequins for them to practice on. Check out how medical students can stand up for their convictions on this article on Medical Patient Modesty's web site.

Medical schools should change their requirements and cut down on the number of pelvic, genital, and rectal exams for the sake of patients’ wishes for privacy and modesty. There is no reason for medical students who are planning on going into specialties such as cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, ENT, ophthalmology, etc. to be required to learn how to do pelvic, genital, and rectal exams. Doctors in those specialties do not do any invasive exams.

Medical schools often work to desensitize medical students to accept that private parts are like other body parts such as elbow and this is wrong. We are never meant to become so detached that seeing someone’s genitals becomes like looking at their elbow. This is contrary to God's word.

Many Christians who went to medical schools were very uncomfortable with doing intimate procedures on a sexually mature opposite person, but they were pushed to let go of their convictions.

Christian medical students should stand up for their convictions no matter how hard it is and do whatever they can do to get through medical school without compromising their convictions. It is important to follow God's word rather than unbiblical standards.

If you are a medical school student or doctor who successfully has refused to do intimate procedures on opposite sex patients, please contact us by email and share your story with us.






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