Modesty During Surgery

Do not listen to the argument that your modesty does not matter during surgery if you are under anesthesia and that you won't care since you will be asleep. Your body is always sacred at all times even when you are asleep.

Also, the argument that nothing matters when you are under anesthesia would mean that all crimes committed while someone is attacked while unconscious such as with date rape drugs, would not matter either because the victim was unaware of what happened. The arguments are, if carried out to their logical conclusions, ridiculous. - Linda

Sadly, many people are completely unaware about how their bodies are unnecessarily exposed for surgeries that do not even involve their private parts. Some medical facilities require patients to have their underwear off for any surgeries and this is ridiculous. For example, think about a patient who has no underwear for knee surgery under his/her gown and when the gown is lifted the genitals are exposed. Even some patients are stripped completely for surgeries (ex: one lady woke up naked after she had surgery on her finger).

Also, it is very common for medical professionals to ignore your wishes for an all-same gender team for surgeries involving private parts especially if you are under general anesthesia and you have no personal advocate such as your spouse present for your surgery. Multiple medical professionals of mixed genders are often brought in OR while your private parts are exposed. There have been some cases where patients were deceived by medical professionals that their wishes would be honored and this is definitely not biblical at all. Some examples include removing a patient’s underwear and gown under anesthesia and then redressing him/her before he/she wakes up and promising a patient a same gender medical team and then not following through.

Take time to check out Medical Patient Modesty's web site to learn about how you can protect your modesty during surgery.

Also, check out their videos, Surgery and Your Modesty and Problems With Medicine Being Gender Neutral.


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